ESG Metrics | Impact report of sustainable investing strategies

ESG Metrics | Impact report of sustainable investing strategies

Putnam Investments is pleased to share our 2023 Sustainability and impact report published by Putnam’s Sustainable Equity team. This is our fifth annual assessment of sustainability impact for the Putnam Sustainable Leaders Fund and Putnam Sustainable Future Fund.

Against the backdrop of the funds’ goal of long-term capital appreciation, we aim to generate excellent financial performance that is fueled in part by the strategic sustainability focus of the companies in which we invest. We believe these characteristics can be mutually reinforcing, and that business-relevant sustainability leadership and solutions-focused innovation often also create compelling investment opportunities.

As active managers, we have the opportunity for direct dialogue, ongoing engagement, and improved understanding of the companies in which we invest. Beyond the figures on our spreadsheets, we continue to be encouraged by the candor, humility, courage, and humanity of our conversations with colleagues, clients, and corporate management teams over this past year.

Within our Sustainability and impact report, you will find:

  • A description of our investment process and our constructive engagement with the companies we own.
  • An analysis of our portfolios and examples of certain ESG metrics and data that we use to inform our research process.
  • A description of our investment themes and related company examples, and how this research translates to a more complete investment understanding. This year, we comment on management incentive pay trends and their value to fundamental research.

You can use the report to deepen your familiarity with sustainable investing and its potential benefits, as we research and invest in companies that thrive by improving our world.

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