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The world offers a range of macro risks

We are monitoring a number of risks to equity prices. China, which had been an enormous driver of global growth, continues to struggle with a slowing economy. There have been some positive developments — inflation has cooled and China’s central … Continue reading »

Defensive stocks may yield to cyclicals

Defensive stocks have outperformed in 2012, but cyclical stocks may offer more attractive valuations and growth characteristics.

In Europe’s shadow, U.S. fundamentals shine

One of the biggest macroeconomic factors moving markets has been the eurozone’s debt crisis. In addition to its potential impact on the domestic economy, the crisis also creates headwinds for U.S. companies with direct ties to European markets — and … Continue reading »

Why cheaper growth stocks appear poised for recovery

In 2011, for the second straight year, cheaper stocks in the growth universe underperformed. Historically, such weak periods for valuation have been followed by multi-year stretches of outperformance from the cheapest growth stocks. For example, the last time the most … Continue reading »

Five reasons why equities may move higher

The U.S. economy has serious secular issues, including high levels of consumer and public sector debt, which may take years to sort out. But that healing process does not preclude a cyclical rebound in equity prices. Today, I see five … Continue reading »

Keeping a close eye on Europe

There are times when we need to be willing to take a little pain to build positions that have great risk/reward characteristics. I believe this is one of those times. I felt the same way in the early months of … Continue reading »