Posts By: Joseph P. Joseph and Randy J. Farina

What value hunters might see in European stocks

While we believe risks in global markets are not trivial, when we review international markets for contrarian opportunities, Europe is a place where value may be available. Equities in Italy, Spain, and Portugal — countries that were at the epicenter … Continue reading »

Even as China grows, small caps disappoint

Fundamental investment research indicates that small companies in China are not yet translating the region’s economic growth into greater productivity or profits for investors.

Is a deeper economic slowdown likely in Europe?

As the slowdown in economic growth continues in Europe, investors may be concerned about the likelihood of a worsening contraction. Still, opportunities remain in the region.

Is Europe a contrarian trade?

As Europe struggles with a protracted sovereign debt crisis, investors’ risk aversion has created select valuation opportunities in small- and mid-cap European stocks.

ETFs may worsen market volatility

Stock market volatility has increased over the past three to four years, and although extremely volatile periods may be short-lived, we believe higher-than-average volatility could be with us for some time. Structurally, one of the reasons volatility may be here … Continue reading »